UNIV 200: Inquiry and the Craft of Argument – Fall 2014

This is a course webpage for students enrolled in Jennifer Roudabush’s UNIV 200 classes during the fall 2014 semester. All of these courses are considered “Blended” courses, which means that half of our work and educational efforts will be completed during/in preparation for our in-class meetings, while the other half will be conducted in online environments, such as on this webpage and Blackboard. Of course, although we meet in the classroom only half as often as your comrades in other UNIV 200 courses might, we will still be conducting thorough, thoughtful work of our own, and engaging in building community both inside and outside of the classroom.

Please consider carefully your learning style, current schedule, and other demands on your life when assessing your likelihood to be successful in a class that incorporates quite a bit of online work. You will be expected to complete assignments with less face-to-face interaction and more required use of technology than other UNIV 200 students, which can be difficult in ways that are different from classes with more in-person meetings.

Some resources to learn more:
If you would like to learn more about blended (aka “hybrid”) courses at VCU, you might visit the Center for Teaching Excellence’s webpage on the topic.
For those of your interested in learning a bit more about UNIV 200, try looking at the University College’s summary of the program.
If you are interested in learning more about your instructor, you could read my faculty bio.

Spitzweg-Carl-the-Bookworm[The image above is an amended version of The Bookworm by Carl Spitzweg, (Der Bücherwurm), 1850, 19½ in × 10½ in (49.5 cm × 26.8 cm), Oil on canvas, Presently located at the Museum Georg Schäfer in Schweinfurt, Germany]; Artistic Credits for the animated .gif work belong to Bradley Werner of Art Kicks Ass.